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Monday, July 05, 2004

Each morning is the new beginning of life...

What make my life feels fulfilled?

- When I could contribute something that valuable for others' future
- When I could love someone completely
- When I could reach my wildest looks-impossible dream

What make my life feels terrible?

- When I could not fulfill my promises (yes, I did that many times :()
- When I make someone disappointed (yes, I did that many-many times :()
- When I could not stand and move forward in failures

The vows:

I will dedicate my life for giving valuable things for others
starting from little things, focusing on my circle of influence.

I will put highest effort on building the character,
because I believe, there is no such thing called achievement
unless it's performed and done on top of great character and values.

Realizing the fact that I'm a forever learning being,
the mistakes I've made should not be forgotten.
The mistakes will leave trails that form my learning curve,
and the curve should have an upward opening.