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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Where Am I Today?

Setahun yang lalu
Kerja di Bandung, mengerjakan large & heavy project, very frustrating, but gave me a lot of lessons.

Dua tahun yang lalu
Ditugaskan ke Bali, mengerjakan my first large project, very tiring, but fun.

Tiga tahun yang lalu
Mengesampingkan dulu sekolah, mencari sumber penghasilan, karena terkena financial catastroph.

Empat tahun yang lalu
Mengerjakan tugas akhir, bercita2 membuat software computational fluid dynamics.

Lima tahun yang lalu
Kuliah, banyak ngulang, karena nggak serius.

Sepuluh tahun yang lalu
Masih SMA, bercita-cita lulus UMPTN. Lebih baik bolos sekolah, daripada bolos bimbel.

Is it better than the same day a year ago? two years ago? five years ago?
Is it better or worse?
If it were worse, what should I do to improve it?
If it were better, did I do optimum efforts?

Should I say: Happy New Year? I don't like saying that words.
Because new year is nothing, it's just a number.
The only meaningful thing I got: it's a good moment to reflect the life and plan the future

Lessons of the year
- It's OK to fail, you will learn a lot from them. No need to be ashamed of. Admit your failure.
- It takes a great courage to be a leader, making decision based on imperfect information,
and facing the consequences if it were wrong.